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Warehouse management and optimisation

Are you planning a new warehouse and are in need of software that will visualise your processes simply and reliably? Or are you unhappy with your current software and looking for an alternative that can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively? motus optimises the management of all processes, from goods receipt to picking and loading. The intuitive user interface and web-based cloud technology also mean that getting up to speed with motus is a quick process.

Just-in-sequence supply

Are you looking for a software system that provides you with the best possible support at all stages of production-synchronised supply? Our product, motus, specialises in sequencing. To take care of this, we provide a comprehensive package that handles smart processing of production data as well as automatically creating picking orders in set sequences and performing real-time tracking of every single pick.

The benefits

What makes motus unique

Process reliability

Intuitive process management keeps manual errors to a minimum. If mistakes do still happen during processing or data handling, the early warning system makes it possible to intervene directly.


The modular way in which motus is set up means that you use only the functions that you actually need. motus also makes configuration easy thanks to practical default settings.

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By logistics experts, for logistics experts

How do you develop the perfect product? By involving your target group in the process! We at REICHHART digital logistics are part of the family-run REICHHART Logistik. To create motus, we worked closely with our customers, logistics experts and warehouse workers. In the process, we deployed an ideal combination of our technical expertise plus more than 50 years of experience in logistics.​


Innovative technology

The web-based cloud technology enables easy access to the motus web area. You can use the web to configure, manage and monitor your warehouse. The mobile Android app also provides support for your warehouse workers at all stages of the process.


Straight to the point

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At the right time, in the right order

Production-synchronised provision of single parts means flexibility in manufacturing and a high level of process understanding. motus takes care of the complex aspects and leaves your employees free to handle the rest.

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Warehouse management

A warehouse in line with best practices

Warehouse optimisation is based on transparency and traceability. motus employs a process-orientated approach to guide warehouse workers through day-to-day warehouse operations, ensuring that orders and stock levels are updated in real time.

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