At the right time, in the right order

We have developed the sequencing process specifically for optimised support for production-synchronous supply. From processing sequence information and process-guided picking handling to just-in-time delivery, motus offers process reliability and transparency from start to finish.

Sequencing and execution

From processing to loading

Receiving data

To transfer sequence data, all you need to do is connect once to your existing system environment. The data is then transferred in your preferred format (e.g. EDIFACT), and motus does the rest.

Creating orders

The data is used to create sequence orders. When the orders are generated, motus employs crucial checking mechanisms to ensure that any errors are caught at an early stage. The sequences can be changed at any time up to a custom-defined point.

Executing orders

The warehouse workers receive the orders through the mobile app in real time. motus guides the workers through the entire sequence order and ensures that the right articles are removed in the right order.

Loading goods

During shipment planning, motus generates suggestions for optimised loading based on the delivery time. If the workers make any changes, motus guarantees that the containers will stick to the correct overall order.

Mobile app for supporting sequencing


Starting sequence orders

You can start a sequence order by scanning a sequence list. Orders need to be executed consecutively. Once a correct list is scanned, processing can begin.


Scanning the first picking location

The order begins automatically with a display showing the first picking location in the sequence order. Once the location label has been scanned, the employee is shown the articles.


Retrieving and scanning articles

After each article is scanned, it is checked to make sure that it is correct, including with regard to the permitted variants (e.g. index check). It is also ensured that orders are handed over correctly at shift changes.


Posting completed containers to warehouse locations

Once all items in a sequence order have been processed, the sequence container must be posted to a location for loading or further processing.


Sequence order complete

Once the order is complete, the sequence order is assigned to a shipment for just-in-time delivery on the basis of the intended delivery time.

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Highlights of our web area


Pre-carriage in real time

The dashboard function keeps you up to date at all times and allows you to keep an eye on current pre-carriage for production. That enables necessary capacity in the warehouse to be identified and rescheduled quickly.



Important information for sequencing can be customised online while operations are up and running. That gives you the option of creating new parts families if necessary or changing the sequencing conditions.

Added value

What makes motus unique

Quick and easy to integrate

motus is essentially standardised, but custom interfaces make it possible to link it quickly to your existing systems. That also saves you from having to procure servers. An internet connection is all you need to access motus.

Reliable processes at every step of the way

The intuitive user interface ensures that mistakes are avoided during order processing. motus also guarantees that any errors in sequence data are caught early, allowing them to be rectified before the orders are processed.

All warehouse data in real time

The online motus service enables sequence orders to be tracked in real time, because all stock movements and picks are transmitted directly to the system. Consequently, the KPIs relevant to site management are also up to date at all times.